Start-up & Entrepreneurship Consultancy

A Start-up dream is often curtailed by the lack of ideas, finances and initiative & execution.

We at SUO often come across these pre-requisites in clusters, be it in the form of nerve-wracking ideas or a burgeoning financial market or astute administrators or efficient and co-operative incubators & accelerators.

What we try to do is bring these together, establish the platform for a going concern and ensure that the idea and the business house is given all requisite legal and institutional support, protection and documentation to generate the maximum possible commercial returns if it succeeds.
We value and revolve our start-up strategies around ideas and their founders, while simultaneously acknowledging the importance of financial markets and a well-oiled administrative machinery.

When an idea is brought to us, we try and assess and evaluate its value in terms of potential commercial and social returns, the quantum of capital required to convert the idea into a profit-generating commercial venture, the break-even and turn-around period, the nature and scale of organization that maybe required etc. Based on our assessments and evaluations, we formulate a business and financial strategy that maybe pursued, keeping in mind the best interests of the idea and its founders.

We provide requisite support, advisory and consultancy in incorporation, compliances, employment issues, choosing incubators if necessary, procuring finances, raising funds from banks & FIs, conducting IPOs and FPOs, registering and protecting Intellectual property, procuring permits and licenses, arrangement and agreements for financing, logistics, supply and marketing, data protection, terms of employment, terms of sale/providing service, outsourcing works etc.