Competition Law

SUO has been extensively dealing with procurement processes, statutory contracts, government contracts, wherein SUO has dealt with pressing Competition law issues relating to abuse of the dominant position, anti-competitive tender clauses. Apart from it SUO has also represented before the Competition Commission.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:
  1. Fought the leading case in Association of Registration Plates in India wherein SUO argued with respect to Competition Act.
  2. Challenged various tender processes and represented top Companies who were aggrieved due to the tailor made tender conditions and adversely impacting Competition.
  3. Few of the other leading cases involving Competition law aspect are in the automobile sector, e governance contracts, healthcare, education, textile, housing & infrastructure, railways etc.
  1. Advocated and represented the cause of affected industry, associations and companies before the appropriate authorities and thereby succeeded in many cases in terms of modification of RFPs, deletion of anti-competitive clauses, withdrawal of RFPs etc.
  2. Representation before Competition Commission of India (CCI)- In Escorts Ltd which related to investigation on allegations of cartelization and bid rigging.
  3. Constitution of SIT Committee in Essar Case.
  4. Representations to the Prime Minister of India as against the violations of Competition law for award of contracts to various Companies.