Intellectual Property Laws

SUO has expertise in Patent, Trademark, Copyright & Design prosecution, consucting IP Audit, framing IP Policy, executing agreements and entering into business transactions like structuring, licensing, franchising, joint-ventures, mergers & acquisitions, Due Diligence, etc. SUO also provides litigation services relating to enforcement and infringement
SUO’s clients includes public sector, small start-up companies to large international and multinational corporations and clients.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:

Legal Advisory to Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises for policy making of Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre

  1. Conducted IP Audit for Pharma companies in Baddi Nalagarh and several IT companies like Ngenox Legal work relating to Cross Licencing Agreements
  2. IP Audit, IP Prosecution of several software companies