Policy Advisory and Advocacy

Team-members of SUO have had years of experience in constantly advising and litigating on issues pertaining to government tenders, administrative laws and service laws.
This, coupled with our approach of viewing the law in a systematic fashion and our constant exposure to Government functionaries, the functioning of Bureaucratic machineries and the implementation of Government projects and public policies, equip us with the experience and skills to provide advisory and consultancy services to Government departments, agencies and PSUs.

Our Government advisory and consultancy services include regulatory planning, legalistic and effective implementation of the law, determining tender conditions, correcting regulatory inconsistencies, laying down legal and regulatory framework for implementing a policy, organizational structuring, drafting laws, rules, regulations, notifications etc., drafting NITs and tenders, analysing and interpreting Business Rules and Allocations Rules of various Governments and providing solutions to problems arising therefrom, improving efficiency and standards of the Government Services etc.

The SUO team comprises of socially-conscious citizens determined to contribute to a holistic growth of the country and mankind, through positive and deliberative means. Public policy, its macro-perspective and the larger picture are therefore matters of acute interest to a our team members, who are in a constant pursuit to decipher and enable the development of public policy through intensive research into empirical data and records of existing state of affairs, an extensive research into problem-solving techniques and growth-models adopted in other Countries and large systems and organizations across the globe, and into the viability and feasibility of customized, novel solutions and systems.

Our policy research and planning services cater to Government departments, Policy Houses, Universities, Research institutions, NGOs and interest groups, and comprises of research and formulation of legal, economic and financial policies on the regulation of Motor Vehicles; generation, supply and distribution of Power; the regulation of Financial Markets; Crime and administration of Criminal Justice; the regulation of the Telecom industry; the facilitation and regulation of Trade & Commerce; Federal relations; regulating e-Commerce; regulating Public procurement etc.