Constitutional Law

SUO has a rich and varied experience in dealing with constitutional matters or application and interpretation of constitution law in the litigation related to policies, writs, before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble High Courts. SUO has the legacy of working in the Constitutional Review Committee, preparing and legally representing of the landmark matters of constitution laws.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:

Dealt with constitutional issues relating to centre and state relation, writ remedies, in several statutory contracts relating to HSRP, driving licenses and registration certificates, Speed Limiting Devices, Vehicle Tracking Devices, Fare Meters, etc. and relating to policies of the Government of Electoral bonds, Fitness of motor vehicles, education, FDI, e-commerce, etc.

Legal representation and legal advisory before the Tribunal set up for adjudicating the Kaveri Dispute

Assisted the Constitutional Review Committee