Motor Vehicle Laws

In the arena of Motor Vehicles Law, SUO deals holistically with policy related matters of Centre-State rule making powers, policy implementation, technology related aspects of the automotive parts and processes, road safety aspects, RFID, Speed Limiting Devices, CNG, HSRP, Seatbelts, Vehicle Tracking Devices, DL/RCs, smart-cards, etc. Through our legal services, we seek to strike balance between the aims of a quick, efficient and convenient transportation, road safety, optimal and fuel-efficient use of motor vehicles, along with reduction in the environmental degradation caused by motor vehicles.

Such multifarious objectives being applied to an ever-increasing volume of motor vehicles and motor vehicle drivers, to a system comprising of road infrastructure that is grossly insufficient and poor in quality and to a population that’s frequently disinclined to adhere to motor vehicle laws, requires a vast and efficient implementing regime that’s constantly and innovatively expanding the scope, ambit and extent of implementation of motor vehicle laws and policy. Add to this, the constantly evolving technology and engineering pertaining to motor vehicles and further the introduction of and increased dependence on technology and Artificial Intelligence in the implementation and Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Laws.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:
  1. Legal advisory and litigation in the matters relating to High Security Registration Plates. Represented the association of HSRP manufacturers in several High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
  2. Legal advisory, general corporate services and litigation services to M/s Rosmerta Technologies, M/s Shimnit Utsch, M/s Celex Technologies, M/s TEST, M/s Utsav in matters relating to Technology, Telecommunication, Automobiles, etc.


Litigation and policy related advisory for rightful implementation of Speed Limiting Devices Policy, HSRP, Automated Fitness and Certification Centres, Vehicle Tracking Systems, etc.

  1. Legal Opinions given to MoRT&H
  2. Legal Opinion given to autonomous testing agencies like ARAI