Due Diligence

As is well known that legal due diligence is the pioneer step to be taken by any investor entering into any transaction.
It aids in assessing the risks relating to any business transaction relating to takeover, M&A, asset reconstruction, forming and retaining joint venture or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or entering into PPP partnership, Foreign Direct Investment, etc. The scope of this Due Diligence includes:
  • Research on the credentials of the target company or its business activities,
  • Review of the Statutory Books maintained by the Company
  • Ongoing and past Litigations pertaining to the target Company or any particular Project for assessing its legal viability and bankability of the ongoing and prospective projects
  • Material contracts
  • Related party transaction
  • Governmental reports pertaining to the target company or the property, etc.
  • Housing or Commercial Projects
  • Technology related projects

After collating and analysing the aforementioned, a due diligence report is prepared for final assessment of whether to enter into any transaction or not, understand the risks, allocate the risks, etc.