The Supreme Court Grants Accredition to Journalists With Law Degree

The Apex Court has amended its norms for accreditation of journalist or correspondents reporting on the proceedings of the cases.
The amendment norms confer on the Chief Justice of India, to exercise his discretion, in the appropriate case, to waive the condition for possessing Law degree, in case a working Journalist/Correspondent has a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and 5 years of continuous regular supreme court reporting experience.
The circular also says that the accreditation can be withdrawn, at any time, without assigning any reasons.

The amendment made as per meeting of the Accreditation Committee held on August 24 states:

“However, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, in his discretion, in appropriate cases can waive the condition for possessing Law degree, in case a working journalist/correspondent fulfills the following condition:
He holds a Bachelor degree from a recognized University and possesses 5 years’ continuous regular Supreme Court reporting experience, in addition to the experience prescribed in the following paragraphs, as may be applicable.”



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