Online Retail & Commerce

With the distinct advantages of Online trade and commerce like affordability, quality and accountability, the sector is only moving in one direction which is that of it’s unparalleled growth. In India in the year 2013, around 8 million people have been shopping online and the number has risen to around 100 million by the year 2016. Today, India is amongst the top three nations globally, having the largest number of persons opting for online trade and commerce, with the whooping 190 Million users by 2019. Today in the COVID 19 scenario, the total number may have risen geometrically.

SUO, provides complete legal framework alongside the implementable Corporate Structure for the stakeholders to bring their novel business ideas into a vibrant and thiriving reality. We work for both B2B and B2C businesses alongside the investment and financial advisors to enable the clients reap optimum business benefits with innovative and most suited legal solutions.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:
  1. Advising Laing O’Rourke and Vipul Limited, in starting a global start-up named Ngenox dedicated to Facility Management Services platform.
  2. Advising CSS in erecting a new verticle for remote facility management in India and abroad.
  3. Advised the online gaming companies in Gujarat and represented the same before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  4. Advised a start-up named which provides a gaming platform relating to stock markets.
  5. Advising and creating corporate business structure for a aggregator business platform named for its project in UAE
  6. Advising and creating a complete legal framework and corporate structure for the execution of aggregator business model Irvine Infocomm Private Limited for it’s project in India.