Media and Sports Law

SUO in the past represented and provided legal advice to the Centre of Broadcasting and Film Certification, entertainment companies, film and television production and distribution companies, music production houses, digital media companies, etc. SUO also advices certain sports associations.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:
  1. Legal Advisory to Central Board of Film Certification
  2. Legal Advice to Prana studios, Image Devices Pvt. Ltd., etc.
  3. Legal Advice on policy framing relating to encouraging sports, and developing sports infrastructure in the State of Punjab,

Legal assistance to production houses relating to formulating agreements distribution rights, production assignments, registration of IPs and IP prosecution

Legal Aid and representation to Maharashtra Equestrian Sports Society

  1. Legal Online and business structuring for a gaming website named
  2. Litigation relating to gaming stores in Gujarat against which were erroneously closed suspecting them to be in gambling business.