Healthcare & Food-processing

SUO has also provided legal aid and advisory to health-care, pharmaceutical, biotech and food-processing enterprises. SUO helps its clients in the complex regulatory framework that governs this space. SUO in the past has advised clients on issues of structuring enterprises, Intellectual Property Audit, assisted in formulating project management facility, etc. SUO legally assists pharmaceutical, medical instrumentation and diagnostic companies on regulatory compliance, obtaining of requisite licenses.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work under this practice area are as hereunder:
  1. Advising clients in the pharma and healthcare sectors on their acquisitions, sale of stake and / or transfer of part of its business
  2. Advising on drug and medical device regulation, including advising clients on obtaining import and export registrations Larsen & Tubro
  3. Legal advice to food and beverage manufacturers with respect to their regulation, laws governing their import and export, compliance to regulatory measures, labelling and packaging of food products and all the issues relating to food safety standards
  4. Legal Advice to several health-care projects
  5. Legal Advisory to Patanjali Group with respect to trade law for importing in USA and save its healthcare products from getting quarantine by Centre for Disease Control in USA.
  6. Legal Advisory to companies like M/s RAPL on certain issues in the matters of tenders for healthcare supplies.

Conducting audits of the intellectual property portfolio of pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing companies Baddinalagarh IP AUdit

Legal opinion to various State Government and Central Government on the need to open OPDs during the lockdown owing to COVID-19.