Government Contracts

SUO works in multi-facets of government contracts from dealing with litigation and legal advisory relating to procurement processes, concession agreements, interpretation of contractual terms; Project management consultancy with multilateral agencies and policy making institutions on development of policy and legal frameworks, etc.

Relevant Experiences:

Some of the notable Legal Work undertaken by SUO under this head are as hereunder:

Dispute Resolution in the project of Ascon for Ministry of Defence
Litigation and legal opinion to Paradip Port Trust

  1. Legal advisory, general corporate services and litigation services to M/s Rosmerta Technologies, M/s Shimnit Utsch, M/s Celex Technologies, M/s TEST, M/s Utsav in matters relating to Technology, Telecommunication, Automobiles, etc.
  2. Legal advisory and legal representation relating to matters of Driving Licenses and Registration Licenses, HSRP contracts, Speed Limiters Contracts, Vehicle Tracking System contracts, etc.


Litigation and policy related advisory for rightful implementation of Speed Limiting Devices Policy, HSRP, Automated Fitness and Certification Centres, Vehicle Tracking Systems, etc.