Pro Bono

The concept of seeking justice cannot be equated with the value of dollars. Money plays no role in seeking justice.” – Justice Blackmun in Jackson v Bish

We at SUO have a longstanding and deep commitment to giving back to the community. We believe that legal aid to the underprivileged is an absolute necessity for the preservation of rule of law and the existence of an orderly society.

As lawyers, it is our duty to ensure that even the most vulnerable and downtrodden receive a fair opportunity to legal representation in times of need. Hence, we take upon ourselves a social responsibility to provide pro bono legal assistance in different parameters to ensure access to justice, promote social and economic development to those unable to afford lawyers.

Through this medium, we endeavor to build a sound legal system in India, approachable to all irrespective of range, race, gender, caste etc. We put in our best efforts to ensure that the legal system is not beyond reach to anyone merely because they belong to a poor, downtrodden and weaker section of society.

For this purpose, we represent the disadvantaged in some of India’s most pressing issues like

With respect to education, SUO has pro bono taken up cases relating to access to education, and related policy advocacy. SUO has taken up pro bono taken up cases against the arbitrary imposition of capitation fees, or other arbitrary fee component, relating to access to early childhood care and other ancillary issues.

SUO has actively taken up the cause of road safety quite exhaustively by taking up taking up causes before the Hon’ble Courts relating to policy implementation of various road safety norms like fitness check of the vehicles, effective implementation of Vehicle Tracking Devices, Speed Governors, certification of spare-parts of the motor vehicles, issues relating to air pollution caused by motor vehicles. SUO has actively participated in the ongoing PILs on road safety before the Hon’ble Supreme Court namely S. Rajasheekaran V. Union of India and M.C. Mehta V. Union of India.

We have also volunteered for cases of road accidents for seeking compensation before Motor Vehicles Claim Tribunal or Consumer Forum. SUO independently does policy advocacy and engage in dialogue with the Central Government, State Government, Autonomous Testing Agencies, BIS relating to the policies governing motor vehicles, road and highways. SUO is everyday continuing and expanding upon its pro bono and philanthropic work relating to road safety and assisting community not-for-profit organizations.

SUO has actively taken up pro bono cases relating to implementation of the mid-day meal schemes in remote schools, filed representations relating to standardization of the meals.

With respect to environmental law, SUO has varied expertise relating to giving legal advice relating to environmental Impact assessment. However, as a pro bona exercise SUO has taken up causes relating to safeguarding ecological sensitive areas, aided MSME businesses relating to water treatment, and have taken up various other causes.

SUO has taken up pro bono cases with an aim for mainstreaming the discipline by bridging the gap that exists between the field-based conflicts and the courts or other formal adjudicating bodies. We also believe that ‘Practicing law’ has to grow beyond the formal courts of law. Therefore, we aim at providing a unique institutional framework that would sustain major legal initiatives both within and outside the courts.

Our lawyers have been taking up pro bono causes relating to labour law violations by industries and companies. Furthermore, SUO has preferred a legal opinion to FICCI relating to employer and employee obligations during the COVID-19 phase, to suggested a balanced legal approach for organisations for retaining the workforce and also ensuring minimum wages to them.

SUO continually takes up causes relating to significant public policy related causes like Electoral bonds, fitness of the motor vehicles, implementation of the road safety policies, pre-legislative consultation, better implementation of the health care norms, aiding the cause of MSMEs and start-ups, etc. Unravelling government process is no small task. Political agendas and the people behind them can be complicated and complex. Companies and organizations want to affect the political landscape in a way that not only guides legislative agendas but also leads industry. Framing persuasive, consistent messages is a priority.

Lawyers at SUO have been proactively giving legal aid to women relating to domestic violence, custody of children, divorce, equal pay and non-discrimination in work places, abortion rights and sexual harassment.

We, at SUO, have taken up pro bono causes relating to home buyers, and other deficiency in services by the insurance companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers and represented the same before the consumer forums.

SUO has taken up causes for ceiling of prices and assess to medical facilities pursuant to the COVID-19 crises. Furthermore, we also take up causes for implementation of standards relating to manufacturing and licensing of drugs and medical devices.

When the world is threatened with Climate Change, world wise efforts are being taken for sustainable development and mitigate climate change, we have been addressing issues relating to pollution control in the M.C. Mehta matter before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, and have been proactively taking up community outreach activities for sensitizing various small businesses relating to industrial emissions, taken up causes for effect implementation of the policies relating to Pollution Control of the vehicles.

Some lawyers have been taking up causes with the Municipal authorities relating to animal population control and medical aid. Various community outreach activities are undertaken by various lawyers relating to prevent animal cruelty.

How we help

We are interested in collaborating with well-intended and philanthropic NGOs, academicians, government departments, interest groups, self-help groups, academic institutions, foundations etc. whose thoughts and objectives align with ours, to jointly fulfill the above mission. We also provide our domain expertise to corporates undertaking CSR activities. For further information, you may contact us at